Piano Tuition

Ginny Lee is an accomplished and professional piano teacher with 10+ years experience teaching ABRSM & AMEB curricula.


Ginny Lee has earned Master's degrees from China's prestigious Central Conservatory of Music and Australia's University of Queensland (Master of Education).


Ginny Lee has passed the ABRSM Grade 8 Piano and Musical Theory examination and attended ABRSM Teachers' Training Courses.


Ginny Lee has over ten years experience teaching piano. Her students have received excellent grades (Distinction/Merit) in more than 100 ABRSM and AMEB examinations.

Miss Ginny’s Theory of Teaching

Beginner to Advanced Lessons Available
1. I have developed a sophisticated teaching framework incorporating a scientific approach to book and music selections. Choosing appropriately for different age groups and levels.

2. Create a teaching plan for each individual student, detailing the anticipated learning time for each piece and the amount of work to be completed each year.

3. Taking examinations is recommended (but not compulsory). Preparation for tests should not distract from learning new skills or progressing, therefore it is important to limit time taken to complete the test (e.g. maximum three months of preparation)
4. Examinations only evaluate progress and provide an additional source of motivation for learning. Examinations do not conflict with cultivating student interest, because good students are not afraid of examinations.

5. Parents are expected to attend classes and help at home. Learning piano requires the effort of three parties, none of whom are dispensable.

6. It is important to focus on basic skills, but boring training methods should be avoided.

7. Students need to read music and establish rhythm awareness by themselves (metronome must be used).
8. Performing music beautifully and emotively is the key to maintain student interest.

9. Basic theory of music is essential to master.

With regards to absolute beginners, it is important to ensure the student adopts an appropriate approach to learning from the very beginning. If the learning method is not appropriate, the student may ultimately learn a new skill, but hate the art, leading to a loss of motivation and disinterest. On the contrary, by taking a scientific approach to learning piano (including how to read music, play rhythm, and do finger exercises) student interest can be maintained, directly affecting students’ interest in playing piano.


Ellie has been learning piano with Ginny for almost a year now. Our whole family have been witnessing and celebrating Ellie’s progress along the way. Ginny has such a great rapport with our child. She is professional and knowledgeable. Her comments and advice for Ellie are always spot on.

Ellie's Mum

Ginny is very experienced and capable in teaching for all age groups, from fundamental to advanced levels. My girl enjoys Ginny’s class very much as there is always something fun to learn!

Veronica's Mum

Ginny is my daughter’s first Professional Piano Teacher. Ginny is very friendly, patient and also she does her job very professionally. My daughter has improved a lot and always looks forward to her next lesson.

Adelaide's Mum


Please consider the Lesson Rules and Policies before booking any lessons.

30 Minute Lesson

Short lesson
per lesson

45 Minute Lesson

The standard lesson
per lesson

1 Hour Lesson

Extra time for motivated students
(+$10 for AMEB Grade 6+ preparation)
per lesson for 1 student

Get in touch

Ginny can be reached by phone, email and WeChat.
(+61) 0468-886-222

Studio Location

Conveniently located close to
Calamvale Community College in Brisbane's South.

Book a Trial Lesson

30 Minute Trial Lesson - $50

If a set of 10 lessons are purchased within 24 hours of the trial lesson, the cost of the trial lesson is deducted.

Please call Miss Ginny if you have any questions.

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